Minutes of Parish Council Meeting 7th June 2018


75 Waterleaze, Taunton TA2 8PX Tel: 01823 975277


Chairman: Councillor S Albon    Parish Clerk: Mrs V Moore



Councillors         S Albon

K Every

F Aplin

R Barton

E Marshall

In attendance: District Councillor M Wale; V Moore, Clerk

6/18/1 Apologies

 Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Farmer and Rose; County Councillor Broom.

6/18/2 Declarations of Interest

Councillor Every declared an interest in Agenda item 7(i).

6/18/3 Minutes

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on the 3rd May 2018, were agreed and signed as a true record.

6/18/4 Matters Arising

Building work in field adjoining Tanlake Farm – the Clerk had received an email from SSDC Planning Department to inform the Council that they had received notification that the building and toilet would be removed from the site, within the next month.

Councillor Every reported that the half day owing by SSDC for drain clearance had been carried out. The drains outside The Bungalows had been marked up and SSDC should be resolving this. Councillor Every felt that if there were any drains which have been found to be blocked, SSDC should deal with this especially as the Parish Council had paid for the drains to be cleaned out.

Overgrown hedge at Castle Main – Councillor Barton had spoken to Shirley Prout who had said her son would cut back the overgrown hedge.

6/18/5 District Councillors report

District Councillor Wale reported he had not received any phone calls from the neighbour of Agar Cottage after offering to visit the site if bonfires were lit.

An exhibition is to be held on 16 June 2018 about Chard Regeneration.

6/18/6 Planning


Application No. 18/01150/FUL
Applicant Mr Ray Dobson
Proposal Replacement and extension of existing cow housing and feed area
Location Colley Farm, Colley Farm Lane, Buckland St Mary TA20 3QD


Application No. 18/01291/FUL
Applicant Mr Henry Pym
Proposal Erection of a roof over existing silage clamps
Location Higher Blindmoor Farm, Blindmoor Lane, Buckland St Mary TA20 3RD


Application No. 18/00118/FUL
Applicant Mr John Dicks
Proposal Erection of an agricultural building
Location Land at Roses Farm, Dommett, Buckland St Mary


Application No. 18/01378/FUL
Applicant Mr George Roffe-Silvester
Proposal Removal of an internal wall and input new oak door to main dwelling and conversion of outbuilding to annexe
Location Coombesbury Farm, Little Hill, Buckland St Mary TA20 3ST

Councillors fully considered all these applications and they were happy to support all of them

Councillor Albon reported on application 18/01192/FUL, The Cottage, Newtown to Eagle Cross, which had arrived the day after the last Parish Council meeting. He had spoken with Councillor Every and District Councillor Wale and it was agreed that this application was supported.

6/18/7 Fingerposts

Councillor Barton had researched the costs of paint for renovating the fingerposts in the parish. It was agreed that the first fingerpost to be started would be at Loose Cross.

Councillor Barton offered to write a small piece for the CBO News, asking if any volunteers would be willing to help in the painting of the fingerposts.

The Clerk had attempted to contact SKANSKA for an estimate for the repair of one fingerpost and the painting of two others on the main road but had received no response. It was agreed to try two other recommended contractors.

6/18/8 WW1 Commemoration 2018

The Parish Council welcomed Simon Hitchens to the meeting who submitted fully costed details of a sculpture he had designed to commemorate the end of WW1. Councillors unanimously agreed that the sculpture was very evocative and captured beautifully the importance of the commemoration. It was agreed that the Council would be in touch with Mr Hitchens at the start of September, and the sculpture would be ready for the Commemoration Day in November.

Councillor Barton had a vague price for the mugs which would be given to all children in the parish under 16 years of age. A list would be needed of all children who were not at the primary school by telling Councillors or emailing the Clerk.

6/18/9 Finance

  • The Annual Accounts for 2017/18 had been internally audited, agreed, and were now signed bythe Chair. It was agreed that the Council would send a Certificate of Exemption, which was for smaller authorities where the higher of the gross income of gross expenditure did not exceed £25,000 and who wish to certify themselves as exempt from a limited assurance review under Section 9 of the Local Audit (Smaller Authorities) Regulations 2015
  • Outstanding accounts were agreed:

MJP Bookkeeping internal audit £31.80

SALC Affiliation Fee £144.25

HMRC PAYE for June £60.60

Clerk’s pay and expenses for May £243.33; expenses £52.00

6/18/10 Distribution of correspondence

Correspondence was distributed for circulation.

6/18/11 Matters for report

The Clerk was asked to report –

  1. State of the road which is breaking up near Stonebiers
  2. Road breaking up near the Lodge, Buckland St Mary
  3. Ridges on the road on leaving the A303 at the Eagle Tavern, and joining Castle Main

The Post Office and the Church are updating the leaflets on the weekly post office service in the village. It is thought the post office would pay for these leaflets c£50, but Councillor Barton asked if the Council would consider paying if not. This was agreed.

Councillor Marshall reported that exiting the road from Buckland St Mary on to Castle Main was hampered by the state of the verges.

6/18/12 Date and time of next meeting

The next meeting will be held on Thursday 5th July 2018 at 8.00 pm.

 There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.35 pm.

S Albon                                                                         V Moore

Chair                                                                             Clerk


8 June 2018