Minutes of Parish Council Meeting 5th April 2018


75 Waterleaze, Taunton TA2 8PX Tel: 01823 975277


Chairman: Councillor S Albon    Parish Clerk: Mrs V Moore



Councillors      S Albon

K Every

F Aplin

R Barton

I Farmer

E Marshall

A Rose

In attendance: V Moore, Clerk

4/18/1 Apologies

Apologies for absence were received from District Councillor Wale and County Councillor Broom.

4/18/2 Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations of interest.

4/18/3 Minutes

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on the 8th March 2018, were agreed and signed as a true record.

4/18/4 Matters Arising

Building work in field adjoining Tanlake Farm – following feedback from District Councillor Wale, it would appear that South Somerset District Council’s reorganisation was resulting currently in no appointment of Enforcement Officers in the Planning Department. The Parish Council felt strongly that this was unsatisfactory and instructed the Clerk to write to the Chief Planning Officer at SSDC, expressing their concerns that building work was being carried out with no planning application and no Enforcement officer able to visit the site.

Mr and Mrs Roe had spoken to the Environment Agency and the Clerk was asked to investigate whether they had been given the correct information.

4/18/5 District and County Councillors reports

In their absence, the Clerk read out written reports which had been received.

District Councillor Wale

From the minutes of the 8th March, snow blocked A303 (not A358) – blocked but not due to efforts of Highways England, County Council or the emergency services but was a combination of the natural geography and weather causing drifting which was not so acute at lower levels either side of the Blackdowns.

Planning and unlawful building and change of use – District Councillor Wale had spoken to planners and senior managers about the inability of SSDC to deal properly with this statutory duty. Whilst SSDC are going through their ‘transformation’ to produce a better and more efficient service, services are being affected. He has raised this problem with the Scrutiny Committee and intended to speak to the Director of Planning.

County Councillor Broom

Flooding and blocked drains across the County – Highways had asked to investigate whether there were any changes in land management practices which may have increased in field run-off which may be contributing to accumulated water. It appeared that some previously recommended changes to land management have been adopted by farmers/landowners in the catchments, there remained issues with surface run off following peak rainfall events that impacted on the road drainage system.

Chard junction – the project is supported in principle but might be challenging to move forward in practical terms without a funding partner to finance the required business case activity. The County Council would not be able to undertake or commission any feasibility work until a suitable funding source had been identified.

Somerset County Council have been asked to be more proactive in encouraging people to use public transport.

The Clerk was asked to contact Councillor Broom to find out why there was no gritting of the road upwards from the school in Buckland St Mary during the recent cold weather.

Councillor Rose joined the meeting.

4/18/6 Village Drains

The Clerk had spoken to Nick Allen at SSDC, who had suggested that hiring a road sucker/sweeper might be more beneficial to clearing village drains, as around 30 drains could be cleared out in a day. The Council agreed to this and the Clerk would arrange a day. Councillor Every offered to be the driver’s contact. Some suggested roads for attention were Rookery Road, Madgeon Lane, Pound Lane.

It was reported that the drain opposite Laurel Cottage appeared to have collapsed with water running down the road to Orchard Barn, and the Clerk would report this.

4/18/7 Fingerposts

Councillor Every had spoken to the foundry with a view to making a replacement arm for the missing fingerpost at Keymer but was told that it would be cheaper to go through the County Council. It was suggested and agreed that money from the Bequest Account be used for this repair.

The Clerk outlined the correspondence she had been having with the Clerk of Combe Parish Council and how they were progressing with their fingerpost repairs.

4/18/8 WW1 Commemoration 2018

 Councillor Marshall reported on some ideas which the primary school had suggested –

Making small, clay, varnished poppies. Holyrood School would allow the use of their kiln.

Plant poppies in the playground

Write poems

Research the history of people from Buckland St Mary who fought or lost their lives

A meeting was being set up with the school, which was being arranged by Mike Canham.

The cost of the aluminium figure of a ‘tommy’ was circulated to Councillors but was possibly too costly at £750.

Mugs which were to be distributed to school children would be made of ordinary china, not porcelain.

Buckland St Mary Community Singers would like to be involved.

4/18/9 Finance

Outstanding accounts and 2018/19 S137 payments were agreed:

Village Hall rent £24.06

S137 grants:

BSM Cricket Club £100

1st Ilton and Broadway Scouts £100

BSM FOBS, Toddlers and Pre-school £300

(Payment to BSM Singers would be considered at the May meeting)

HMRC PAYE for March £60.60

Clerk’s pay and expenses for March £243.33; expenses £52.00

4/18/10 Distribution of correspondence

 Correspondence was distributed for circulation.

 4/18/11 Matters for report

 The Clerk reported on General Data Protection Regulations training.

A request for donations for an additional MRI scanner at Musgrove. The Clerk would respond that the SOs of the Council only permitted donations for local parish requests.

Clerk was asked to contact the police to report a house that had been unoccupied for 10 years and which had recently been broken into. One of the nearby residents complained that there had been a couple of evenings where groups of young people had been hanging around the locked gateway. It was hoped the police could include this in their drive-by routine. County Councillor Broom would be asked if there was anything the County Council could do to get this house back into use.

There was a large pothole some 20” x 14” x 2-3” deep on the left-hand side of the road travelling towards Chard between TA203JZ and TA203JY.

Drain needs attention beyond St Mary’s at TA20 3JY, below the footpath.

Complaint had been received about the logs alongside the road at Castle Comfort. County Councillor Broom to be asked if she could look into this.

 4/18/12 Date and time of next meeting

The Annual Parish Council meeting will be held on Thursday 3rd May 2018 at 8.00 pm in the Village Hall, followed by the usual Parish Council meeting.

 There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.15 pm.

S Albon                                                                         V Moore

Chair                                                                            Clerk





11 April 2018