Minutes of Parish Council Meeting 4th January 2018


75 Waterleaze, Taunton TA2 8PX Tel: 01823 975277


Chairman: Councillor S Albon    Parish Clerk: Mrs V Moore



Councillors      S Albon

K Every

F Aplin

R Barton

I Farmer

A Rose

In attendance: County Councillor A Broom; District Councillor M Wale; V Moore, Clerk

1/18/1 Apologies

 An apology for absence was received from Avon and Somerset Constabulary.

1/18/2 Declarations of Interest

 There were no declarations of interest.

1/18/3 Minutes

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on the 9th November 2017, were agreed and signed as a true record.

1/18/4 Matters Arising

 Hare Lane – Speed limit. County Councillor Broom had taken this matter up with Somerset CC Highways following their decision not to install a speed limit, and informed them that there would be an appeal against this decision. Gary Warren from Somerset CC has started investigative work and will report back to Councillor Broom.

Tanlake Farm – nothing had been heard about enforcement.

Agar Cottage – nothing had been registered as yet in terms of a licence or amendments to the planning application. District Councillor Wale would keep checking on this.

Commemoration of World War I – Councillor Barton suggested that Mike Canham attend the next meeting of BSM PC to inform councillors of what he plans for November 2018. This was agreed.

New Noticeboard – the noticeboard which it had been agreed to purchase at the last meeting was now discontinued. It was agreed to purchase a substitute costing £272.16 (inc VAT).

 1/18/5 Report from District and County Councillors

District Councillor Wale reported that SSDC were continuing with their transition, which should result in far better customer service.

He reported that the Clerk at Combe was in hospital.

County Councillor Broom reported that there were few issues over the Christmas period.

The link to respond to the Chard Hospital issue was incorrect.

Police had said there had been many robberies in Chard.

County Councillor Broom left the meeting

1/18/6 Vacancy for Parish Councillor

The Chair reported that two people had expressed an interest in filling the vacancy.

It was agreed unanimously that Liz Marshall be invited to fill this vacancy.

1/18/7 Parish Directory

Councillor Barton reported that the Directory was almost ready. It was agreed that a copy would be put on the website and copies placed in the Village Hall and the Church, and updated half yearly as necessary.

1/18/8 Fingerposts

Councillor Barton reported that there were five fingerposts in the parish to be rubbed down and repainted, with another needing a single new arm for a damaged post. District Councillor Wale offered to make enquiries at a foundry in Chard to see whether they would be in a position to make an arm for the damaged post and the cost for this.

The AONB had a sustainable development fund and the Parish Council could submit an application in March for a grant of up to £1,000 to assist with costs for repainting and repair of the fingerposts.

1/18/9 Village Orchard

Councillor Farmer had offered to put some supporting posts to the trees in the village orchard and was waiting for Dr Hill to get back to him as soon as he was well. Councillor Barton would remind Dr Hill to contact Councillor Farmer.

1/18/10 Defibrillator

As there had been no response to the enquiry in the CBO News for volunteers to be part of the first response for the defibrillator, it was agreed that a notice would be put on the board at the school, asking if anyone who would like to be involved to contact Councillors Albon or Barton. This needed volunteers who live near the defibrillator rather than the fringes of the village. Formal training would be necessary and given.

1/18/11 Finance

Outstanding accounts were agreed:

BSM Village Hall rent £22.80;

Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal Wreath £17.00;

Jon Mayled reimbursement for cost of website upgrade £68.38

HMRC Clerk’s PAYE for January 2018 £60.60;

SO for Clerk’s pay October £243.33; expenses £52.00

The draft budget for 2018/19 was circulated to councillors, fully discussed and agreed. It was unanimously agreed that a small increase in the Precept of £159, from £7,985, to £8,144, be made for 2018/19.

1/18/12 Distribution of correspondence

Correspondence was distributed for circulation.

1/18/13 Matters for report

The Clerk was asked to report the following problems to Somerset CC Highways:

  • Water was reported coming out of the drain opposite the bungalows at St Mary’s Close towards Laurel Cottage.
  • Drains were blocked in Hare Lane, below the Polish War Memorial, all down through Hare Lane.
  • Drains were blocked half way down Blind Lane.
  • Road is starting to subside outside Reddy Hill Farm.
  • Road surface is breaking up and subsiding at Lodge Hill.
  • Problem with drain in Castlemain, from Beehive Farm towards the A303.

Markers had been installed coming up from Castlemain from Blackwater about 6 years ago and due to hedge trimming, these had been destroyed. The Clerk would ask County Councillor Broom to follow this up with Highways.

Councillor Rose voiced concerns about the hedge just opposite the turning to Staple Fitzpaine on Castlemain where the road sweeps up to Staple Hill. The Clerk would ask County Councillor Broom to follow this up also.

1/18/14 Date and time of next meeting

The next meeting will be held on Thursday 1st February 2018 at 8.00 pm in the Village Hall.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.30 pm.

S Albon                                                                         V Moore

Chair                                                                             Clerk


8 January 2018