Minutes of Parish Council Meeting 9th November 2017


75 Waterleaze, Taunton TA2 8PX

Tel: 01823 975277 email: vmmoore21@hotmail.co.uk

Chairman: Councillor S Albon           Parish Clerk: Mrs V Moore



 Councillors     S Albon

K Every

F Aplin

R Barton

G Bromley

I Farmer

A Rose

In attendance: County Councillor A Broom; District Councillor M Wale; V Moore, Clerk


 Mr Bedford of Dommett Hill Farm expressed his concerns at the speed of the traffic using Hare Lane, and gave details of a head to head accident outside his property. Other parishioners had been able to give examples of other accidents on the lane. There were concerns that horse riders, children and the disabled were at risk because of the speed of traffic. Mr Bedford wanted to know if the Parish Council would lend its support to get someone from Somerset County Council Highways to make a site visit and assess the problem. County Councillor Broom would speak to Highways to get a site visit and send their response to the Clerk.

The owners of Tanlake Farm asked that the minutes of the last meeting be amended as they were not responsible for the hardstanding which had been laid on land which was formally part of Tanlake Farm. The previous owner had retained two parcels of land and it was on one of these that the hardstanding and stables had been erected with no planning permission together with overnight use of a caravan on the site. District Councillor Wale would contact Planning Enforcement at SSDC for them to make a site visit.

11/17/1 Apologies

There were no apologies for absence.

11/17/2 Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations of interest.

11/17/3 Minutes

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on the 7th September 2017, were agreed and signed as a true record, after the amendment of the third paragraph in minute 10/17/13 Matters for Report inserting additional words, so that the paragraph read:

“Councillor Every reported a parishioner’s concerns about a parcel of land which was formerly part of Tanlake Farm, Madgeon Lane, where a hardstanding had been put down, there is the potential……”

11/17/4 Matters Arising

Agar Cottage – District Councillor Wale agreed to chase up what progress had been made by SSDC following their visit 2 months ago.

District Councillor Wale would also arrange for planning enforcement to visit the parcel of land which was formerly part of Tanlake Farm where a hardstanding had been laid.

11/17/5 Report from County Councillor

County Councillor Broom reminded Councillors that the Chard Hospital open session was being held on Monday 13 November, and Councillor Albon reported that he would attend on behalf of the Parish Council.

Two schemes were to be submitted under Small Improvement Schemes – traffic calming at Glynswood, and some kind of pedestrian crossing towards the end of Furnham Road.

There was to be a meeting at County Hall towards the end of November regarding Chard Junction and County Councillor Broom asked for people’s views on the re-opening of Chard Junction station.

District Councillor Wale reported that the Police Commissioner was seeking to cut neighbourhood policing.

11/17/6 Planning

Application No. 17/03682/FUL
Applicant Mr & Mrs C North
Proposal Change of use of land for the siting of 4 No. log cabins to be used as tourist accommodation and the formation of a new access
Location Land at Buckland Farm Farm Green Lane Buckland St Mary TA20 3QZ

After a full discussion, the Parish Council unanimously supported this application.

11/17/7 Parish Directory

Councillor Barton circulated a draft copy of the proposed parish directory and asked councillors to look through and feed back to her at the next meeting what else they felt should be included.

It had been previously suggested that the directory could be included in the CBO News, but this might not be feasible. The Chair felt it could be put on the parish website with updates being included in the CBO News as and when they arose.

Councillor Barton reported that the parish website did not appear to be large enough to support its content. Councillor Albon would investigate what additional cost would be involved in adding additional space and report back to the January meeting.

11/17/8 2018 Commemoration of the end of WWI

Councillor Barton reported that Mike Canham had put out a suggested programme for the weekend in November 2018, copies of which were circulated to councillors and which included an exhibition in BSM Village Hall for both days; two memorial services, one in the morning in Otterford and an afternoon service in Buckland St Mary. It was suggested that the two parish councils pool expenses for whatever events were arranged.

Councillor Barton would update councillors after another meeting with Mr Canham which had been arranged for January 2018.

11/17/9 Noticeboard update

Councillor Farmer showed examples of noticeboards he had researched, and it was agreed that the Clerk would order an 8 page aluminium framed shield showcase from Office Furniture Online, at a cost of £241.20.

11/17/10 Village Orchard

Councillor Bromley reminded the council of the 12 trees which had been planted in the village hall grounds a couple of years ago. These trees were not in a good position as they suffered from wind damage, with two of them having died. Some of the others were looking very poorly, and needed re-staking if they were to survive. Councillors agreed to have a look at the orchard.

11/17/11 Winter Service

Councillor Farmer had offered to collect the salt supplies from SSDC. Four bags would be left at Tanlake Farm, and if other parishioners were in need of a bag of salt, please notify Councillor Farmer.

11/17/12 Christmas Tree Recycling Service

It was agreed that the Parish Council would take advantage of the Christmas Tree Recycling Service and, as last year, SSDC would erect a compound in the Village Hall car park for parishioners to deposit their used trees after Christmas. Councillor Barton would contact the Village Hall Committee to get their approval.

11/17/13 Planning Training Feedback

Councillor Albon reported on the useful session of Planning Training organised by SSDC and outlined the role of the Parish Council in considering planning applications.                     

11/17/14 Meeting dates for 2018

The Clerk circulated the draft meeting dates for 2018, which were agreed as follows:

4th January

1st February

1st March

5th April – preceded by Annual Parish meeting at 7.30 pm

3rd May – Annual Parish Council meeting at 8.00 pm, followed by the monthly meeting

7th June

5th July

August – no Council meeting

6th September

4th October

1st November

December – no Council meeting

11/17/15 Finance

Outstanding accounts were agreed:

Grant Thornton, External auditors £120.00; HMRC Clerk’s PAYE for November and December 2017 £121.20;

SO for Clerk’s pay October £243.33; expenses £52.00

A copy of the Receipts and Payments was circulated to all Councillors showing the up to date balance and expenditure for this financial year.

11/17/16 Distribution of correspondence

Correspondence was distributed for circulation.

11/17/17 Matters for report

It was reported that the post box at Dommett had been knocked over and had now disappeared. The Clerk was asked to contact Royal Mail to find out when it would be replaced.

It had been reported that the dustbin in the village was overflowing. Councillor Barton had emptied this and put in a new bag. It was agreed that Councillors would keep an eye on this and change as and when necessary

Councillor Bromley, sadly and with regret, handed in her resignation after 14 years on the Parish Council, as she was moving from the area. The Chair was sad to accept her resignation and Councillors unanimously thanked her for all her very hard work over that time. Her help and support had been amazing to both current and past Chairmen, and without her endeavours, many events just would not have happened. It was agreed she would be sadly missed.

11/17/18 Date and time of next meeting

The next meeting will be held on Thursday 4th January 2018 at 8.00 pm in the Village Hall.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.35 pm.

S Albon                                                                         V Moore

Chair                                                                             Clerk

11 November 2017