Agenda Parish Council Meeting 4th January 2018


75 Waterleaze, Taunton TA2 8PX

Tel: 01823 975277 email:

Chairman: Councillor S Albon           Parish Clerk: Mrs V Moore

To: All Members of Buckland St Mary Parish Council

You are summoned to a meeting of Buckland St Mary Parish Council to be held at the Village Hall, Buckland St Mary, on Thursday 4th January 2018, at 8.00 pm

V Moore

8.00 pm      Public Question Time

This section (at the Chairman’s discretion may last up to 10 minutes) is not part of the formal meeting of the Council and therefore no minutes will be produced.



1        Attendance

2        Apologies for absence

3        Declarations of interest

4        Minutes of the last Parish Council meeting held on the 9th November 2017, copy attached

5        Matters arising

6        Reports from County and District Councillors; report from Avon and Somerset Constabulary

7        Vacancy for Parish Councillor

8        Parish Directory – Feedback from Councillors on draft circulated at November meeting by           Councillor Barton

9        Fingerposts

10      Village Orchard – comments from Councillors following last meeting

11      Defibrillator: VETS system – Councillor Barton

12      Finance –

(i) To pay any outstanding accounts

(ii) To discuss and agree the PC budget for 2018/19

(iii) To agree Precept for 2018/19

13      Distribution of correspondence

14      Matters for report

15      Date for next meeting – 8.00 pm on Thursday 1st February 2018

V Moore

Parish Clerk

30th December 2017