Minutes of Parish Council Meeting 15th June 2017


75 Waterleaze, Taunton TA2 8PX Tel: 01823 975277


Chairman: Councillor S Albon    Parish Clerk: Mrs V Moore



Councillors S Albon – in the Chair

F Aplin

R Barton

G Bromley

K Every

I Farmer

A Rose

In attendance: PCSO Gareth Allington; V Moore, Clerk

6/17/1 Apologies

Apologies for absence were received from District Councillor Martin Wale and County Councillor Amanda Broom.

6/17/2 Declarations of Interest

Councillor Bromley declared in interest in planning application 16/05007/FUL, Agar Cottage, Newtown, Buckland S Mary TA20 3TF

6/17/3 Minutes

The minutes of the Annual Parish Council meeting and the Parish Council meeting, both held on the 11th May 2017, were agreed and signed as true records.

6/17/4 Matters Arising

The Chair reported that the Parish Council had received a cheque for £500 from CBO News for the restoration of the fingerposts in Buckland St Mary.

6/17/5 Report from District Councillor, County Councillor & Avon and Somerset Constabulary

In her absence, County Councillor Amanda Broom had sent a written report to Councillors.

Stooper’s Hill – County Councillor Broom was intending to ask for an on-site meeting as concerns had been expressed following the safety report which had indicated the site was safe.

A303 laybysThe responsibility for these laybys falls under Highways England, they have confirmed they were considering options for the closed laybys but there was no immediate solution. Councillor Broom had asked to be kept updated regarding the progress to find a resolution.

Signage that needs aligning in Little HillSCC have said that they are aware and would be raising an inspection.

Logs outside propertySCC have confirmed that there are no approvals in place for these logs to be placed outside of the property.

DrainsSCC have confirmed that rural drain clearance is 2 yearly, and urban is 4 yearly. Councillor Broom had asked for a map of the drains, but this had not yet been received. Verge markers were no longer used. There was a managed system for gully cleansing and when unable to clear one, it is tagged.

Finger PostsParishes can adopt and maintain guide posts to the prescribed standard, and were identified on the SCC mapping system. However, there was no formal log of this. They are owned by SCC, who were seeking Parishes to take a more active role in their upkeep – a new policy/guideline was to be rolled out shortly.

Small Improvement Schemes no further schemes were in place for Chard North. It appeared that several residents did believe schemes were progressing, but have now been advised that this was not the case. Councillor Broom was meeting with the SiS team on June 29th to discuss the expected process in more detail. She currently has six schemes which have been proposed, but likely to only be able to submit two.

District Councillor Wale sent a written report. There were likely to be sweeping changes at SSDC which he would be able to report back to the Parish Council at their next meeting in July.

PCSO Gareth Allington was welcomed to the meeting. He wanted to thank parishioners for their help at Castlemain after recent unexpected bad weather.

Over the past 3 months, there had been 35 calls to the police, 25 of which were related to the main roads covering anything from debris, manhole covers, accidents etc. A report had been received of possible poaching in Coombe.

Councillor Rose joined the meeting.

PCSO Allington handed out a supply of questionnaires to councillors and asked if these could be circulated. The questionnaire asked a few questions on how parishioners would like police support to be handled.

Councillor Albon asked about car parking in Folly Lane at night and PCSO Allington confirmed that the police frequently checked the car park each week.

Councillor Rose reported that many Ford car keys had been found in and around Neroche car park, and these had been handed in at Chard Police Station.

6/17/6 Planning


Application No. 17/02135/FUL
Applicant Mr & Mrs T Retter
Proposal Erection of a replacement porch
Location Otterwood, Newtown, Buckland St Mary TA20 3ST

 After a full discussion, there were no objections to this application.


Application No. 17/02437/FUL
Applicant Mr & Mrs M Fry
Proposal Erection of dwelling
Location Site at Mannings Common, Castlemain, Buckland St Mary

After discussion, there were in principle no objections to this application. However, concern had been expressed about the style of the building and whether it was in keeping with the Blackdown Hills.

Councillor Farmer joined the meeting.


Application No. 17/02312/FUL
Applicant Mr & Mrs L Spencer
Proposal Demolition of existing dwelling and former agricultural buildings and erection of replacement dwellinghouse
Location Withy Cottage, Dommett, Buckland St Mary TA20 3JG

 Following consideration, there were no objections to this application, which was supported by the Parish Council.


Application No. 16/05007/FUL
Proposal Alterations and erection of a first floor side extension, erection of 2 storey front extension and erection of 3 No. sheds (part retrospective)
Location Agar Cottage, Newtown, Buckland St Mary TA20 3TF

From the Parish Council’s perspective, the proposed extension will be a significant improvement on the current wooden structure.

However, the Parish Council were concerned that there appears to be a dog breeding business being run from the premises which is unlicensed to their knowledge.

The Parish Council trusts the sheds on this site were only for storage of garden tools, etc, and not for livestock/animals.

6/17/7 Defibrillator: update

It was reported that the defibrillator had been put up in the school porch.

A training session will be held on 21st June 2017 at 7.30 pm in the village hall. Councillor Barton had photocopied details of this session and asked Councillors to pass a copy to anyone they thought would be interested in attending. The Headteacher was also informing parents of the evening in the school newsletter.

.Councillor Albon reported that when the school was occupied between 0900-1500 hours, the gates were locked. Access could be obtained by ringing one of the buttons or the doorbell and someone would give access to get the defibrillator.

The School were quite happy to have people CRB checked and for those individuals to have the code for the key pad.

For the remainder of any 24 hours, the gate would be open. During school holidays when no one was in the school, there is a release button

6/17/8 Parish Plan – Village Directory

There were no further updates available.

6/17/9 Noticeboards

It was agreed that purchased noticeboards were extremely expensive. Councillor Farmer offered to speak to a contact who may be interested in making a noticeboard.

6/17/10 Finance

  • A copy of the Receipts and Payments was circulated to all Councillors showing the up to date balance and expenditure for this financial year.
  • Outstanding accounts were agreed:

Village Hall rent, £24.24; HMRC Clerk’s PAYE for June 2017 £60.60; SO for Clerk’s pay, June £243.33; expenses £52.00

6/17/11 Distribution of correspondence

Correspondence was distributed for circulation.

6/17/12 Matters for report

Letters had been received from Buckland St Mary Cricket Club and the Baby and Toddler Group, thanking the Parish Council for their annual donation.

Chard and District Museum had sent an invite for two parish councillors with a guest to attend a preview of ‘Invented in the West Country’ which would be held on 23 June 2017. Councillor Barton and Councillor Bromley expressed an interest in attending.

BHPN were holding their AGM on Thursday 29 June at Yarcombe Village Hall. Councillor Barton would be attending on behalf of the Parish Council.

Councillor Farmer reported that he had spoken to Mr Charles Clark and agreed to the replacement of the gate and the post. Councillor Farmer would obtain a price for the galvanised gate and two posts and report back to the July meeting.

Councillor Rose would report back to the July meeting on the metal detectors.

Drains outside Stephens Cottage were completely blocked and overflowing. The Clerk would report to Somerset County Council.

Potholes were reported outside Otterwood, TA20 3ST, and the Clerk would also report this.

Councillor Barton reported that the provision of an outreach post office in the church had been raised again. Councillor Barton offered to compose and send a letter to Royal Mail outlining the proposal.

6/17/13 Date and time of next meeting

The next meeting will be held on Thursday 6th July 2017 at 8.00 pm in the Village Hall.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.40 pm.

S Albon                                                                   V Moore

Chair                                                                      Clerk

19 June 2017