Parish Council

The Parish of Buckland St Mary has 205 properties in the parish, with a Primary School and the St Mary the Virgin, Church of England Church situated at the centre of the village.

There is a Parish Council made up of 8 members from the community which meets on the first Thursday of the month, in the village hall, except August and December when there is no meeting planned.

There is an Annual Parish Meeting held before the April Parish Council meeting and an Annual Parish Council Meeting held before the May Parish Council meeting.

All meetings are open to the public, who often attend and are warmly welcomed. At the beginning of each meeting time allowed for public comments and questions.

Councilors take on special responsibility in representing various areas of interest:

School, Highways, Village Hall, Footpaths, Area West District of South Somerset and District Council (SSDS), Somerset Association of Local Councils (SALC).

Council Members

Steve Albon — Chairman

Keith Every – Vice Chairman

Frank Aplin

Rosanna Barton

Gill Bromley

Ian Farmer

Alan Rose

Parish Clerk

Veronica Moore


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