Buckland St Mary WW2 Evacuees – Part 2

A quick update on this topic. We haven’t found out any more on Jean Pamela Simpson and the farm where she stayed with her Uncle Simpson, but if anything occurs to you, do get in touch.

However, we have prompted several other memories of evacuees in Buckland St Mary. We’re very grateful to Neil Arnold and Richard and Angela Smith who’ve come up with fascinating information. Anecdotes range from the boy who was so unhappy that he tried to run away back to London (but, poor kid, headed the wrong way – to Exeter) to two girls who stayed at Higher Blindmoor, one of whom is in touch and has very happy memories. The photo shows them – Joan Childs and Olive Curzons – with Tom the carthorse. They each had ‘their’ cow that they milked. Olive’s brother was billeted at Beehive.


Interestingly, several seem to have stayed in, or returned to the area. Most came originally from London or Bristol.

Many of the names we’ve been given don’t tie up with those in the school registers, so there must have been more than the 57 listed there. Here’s the list – does it ring any bells?

Anything you remember, however small, I’d be glad to hear: Rosanna Barton – 01460 234213, rosannabarton1@gmail.com


(names, and number in the Registers)

ALEXANDER, John                                             1464

ATTWELL, Iris Pauline                                         1466

ATTWELL, Enid Maud                                           1467

ATTWELL, Philip                                                    1471


BENNETT, Raymond                                              1415

BRIDGES, Robert                                                   1431

BRIDGES, Joan                                                      1434

BRIDGES, Jean                                                       1435

BINGHAM, Jean                                                      1436

BIGWOOD, Richard                                                 1461

BALDWIN, Stanley                                                   1469

BODDINGTON, Michael                                           1506


DYER, Eileen                                                            1411

DYER, June                                                             1412

DYER, Frank                                                            1413


EAVIS, Donald Francis                                             1424

EDWARDS, Ronald                                                  1443

EDWARDS, Terence                                                 1444


GRIFFIN, James John                                              1475


HATHWAY, Sheila Ann                                             1445

HATHWAY, Winifred Jeanne                                     1446

HOLLAND, Rosemary                                              1451

HILLIARD, Joan Margaret                                        1468

HATHWAY, Hazel                                                     1499

HIRCOCK, Joan Elsie                                              1502

HOWLAND, Kathleen                                              1505

HATHWAY, Pamela                                                  1513


JONES, Royston William                                         1465

JONES, John Leonard                                            1470


KENDALL, Ronald                                                   1437

MARSHALL, Peter                                                  1425

McKENNA, Kathleen                                               1432

McKENNA, Peter                                                    1433

lMcKENNA, Fred                                                     1440

McKENNA, Jack                                                     1441

MOULDER, David                                                   1452

MOULDER, Jeanette W.                                          1457

MOORE, Leslie                                                       1493


POVEY, David John                                                1423

POVEY, Royston Peter                                           1428

PERRETT, Elizabeth                                               1489

PERRETT, Sylvia Ann                                             1490

PILES. Roy                                                            1503


QUESTED, Brian                                                    1438


RAVENSWOOD, Marian                                          1422

ROSS, John W.                                                       1427

ROBINSON, Evelyn M.                                            1459


SWAYNE, Shirley                                                     1416

SNEATH, Rene                                                        1417

SMITH, Eric John                                                      1426

SIMPSON, Jean P.                                                    1509


TAYLOR, Sheila                                                         1414


WHALE, Albert                                                         1410

WEATHERLEY, Iris                                                   1430

WALKEY, David Ian                                                  1482

WHITE, Ann Valerie                                                  1504


YOUNG, Alan                                                           1494