Buckland St Mary – WW2 Evacuees – Part 1

We were approached in June by the family of Jean Pamela Simpson, who was evacuated to Buckland St Mary in the early years of the war. Born in 1934, she would have been 7 or 8 at the time. She died a short time ago, but had happy memories of Buckland, and her daughter and son in law would like to find out where she lived.

She lived on a farm (a mushroom farm she thought, though this seems unlikely at that time) with her uncle, a Mr Simpson. She certainly attended the school – her name is in the Register plus, interestingly, the names of another 50 plus evacuees.

Does anyone remember Jean, or the other evacuees, or have a tale to tell about them? If so, please contact Rosanna Barton, phone 234213, email rosannabarton1@gmail .com