January News Letter

We want your memories!

You’ll remember that, in preparation for the centenary of WW1 this year, we’ve set out to discover more about the men commemorated on Buckland’s War Memorial.  Who were they?  What Regiment did they serve in?  When and how did they die?  Where are they buried?  Who were their families?

Most particularly, are there still family members living in the area?  Already some have dusted off old photos and mementoes and have let us reproduce copies.  Nothing brings these young men back so poignantly as the pictures of them in their innocent and unsuspecting youth.

Robert Stanley North

Here is Private Robert Stanley North of the 6th Battalion,Somerset Light Infantry, killed on August 25 1916. His body was never found. He’s commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial with the other 72000 men killed at the Somme from July-December 1916, who have no known grave.





Frank SmithThen here is Frank Smith of the 8th Battalion, Somerset Light Infantry; he was 19 on April 19 1917; he had been in France for 5 months, was wounded in late April, and died in the Military Hospital in Etaples on May 5.  The family believe he was probably under age when he enlisted.





Thanks to the North and Smith families for allowing us to reproduce these photographs.

So, to misquote Kitchener, Your Village Needs You!  Could you have any photographs put safely away somewhere?  Any family mementoes?  Any family stories?  Any clue where we might look for descendants? 

We’re also trying to compile a list of those who served in WW1 who came back – they deserve to be remembered too.  Any names to add here?

Here, to remind you, are those names again:

Fred Billing                                                           Harry Painter

Fred Buttle                                                           William Pook

William Buttle                                                       Walter Charles Pring

William Grabham                                                 William James Pring

James Hardwill                                                    Frank Smith

William Hector                                                                WW2

Frank Knight                                                             Louis Ashford

Stanley North                                                           James Mudge


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More information on Somerset Remembers Web Site, the Somerset Heritage Centre’s centenary site.

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