Yarty Gardening Club Officers

Chairman                  Edwina Wakley                     gandewakley@btinternet.com

Higher Whatley Farm. Otterford. Chard TA20 3QL               01460 234477

Secretary                    Victoria Southcott                 toriesouth@googlemail.com

.                                                                                            01460 234900

Treasurer                   John Gusterson                     gusterson.j198@btinternet.com

10 Woodcroft Meadows, Bishopswood

Membership Secretary   Penny Powe                      penny.powe@btinternet.com

Roche Lodge,  Newtown,                                                       01460 234150

Buckland St Mary, TA20 3TE                                                  (07882 182130)

(assisted by  Cindy Beaumont                                  beaumont671@btinternet.com

Melita, Bishopswood TA20 3RS                                            01460 234351

Programme Secretary   Ann Kennard                    wkennard072@gmail.com

General Sales Organiser   Carol Lane                     carollane@hotmail.co.uk

Little Hill Cottage. Buckland St Mary TA20 3SS                   01460 234689

(George Wakley will help with raffles)

Refreshments Organiser   Rene Marker

Paddock Cottage, Buckland St Mary. Chard TA20 3RF        01460 234337

Publicity  Mary Gusterson

10 Woodcroft Meadows, Bishopswood, TA20 3HA             01460 234737

(Wendy Hall will help Mary and do reports when Mary is away).

William Kennard also prepared to help with ‘one off’s’


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